How this came to be

I have built a cabin
from the logs I found in my eyes
and this is where I sit
and mark time until death.

There are no good guys and
I am not one of them.

If I should write a song that lasts the ages
or is found in a book in years hence-
one lyric or one poem
which is purposed to be kind
despite the twisted nature of the mind…

I believed God was a gentleman
until I saw him fight for love.
He was hard and cruel or so it seemed
in breaking through a shielded heart.
Caged. Barred.

It was communion to me.

When I was a child it felt like
second sight
and though I could not name it
I followed the sound
of the call
of the voice
of the one
I could hear.

All it was that I could do to silence you
and anyway they knew.
They could tell I was a fairy child
or some such as was in ancient times.
But the language was lost.

And so I was quite set aside
a strange, small thing with a mysterious air
laced with intensity.
Oddly questioning that which I needed to know.

Be Still
Be Still and Know
Know that I
I am God